hetem Ramadani: COVID-19 was used to control humans

study: Here is the source 80 percentage of COVID-19 infectedThe Covid-19 pandemic was used to control humans from large interest groups. This is the opinion of the applicant of alternative medicine, Hetem Ramadani, who has never been isolated. Invited to the show "Hippocrates on Top Channel" Ramadani explained that what is really killing people is not actually the virus.

"It's not the virus that is killing us, yes a weak immune system that comes from malnutrition, misused and burdened lifestyle making Covid 19 to find space in these bodies. This virus was activated due to the propaganda and the focus given to it in the media. In America they die 1500 itself per day according to CNN due to malnutrition and was never told let's do a lockdown (shutdown). The interest groups behind it are pharmaceutical companies, food industries, talk about those that produce junkfood.

And this propaganda forced people to focus on taking all the food reserves of these pharmaceutical and food companies., as a result these two businesses were cleaned up and flourished. All this pandemic was used to control people and restrict people's freedoms and rights, this is an experiment on how a person can be manipulated for the reasons and purposes of interest groups, in my opinion. Fear is the best instrument to achieve quick goals, and pharmaceutical companies, power, etc. have used man's fear to achieve their goals ”.

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